Why do I need a Video and how do I do one?

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Video interviews and resumes will soon be as common as Smart Phones, especially as recruiters and employers are forced to do more with less. These short films are
A. Cost effective
B. A demonstration of vital technical ability
C. They go a long way towards eliminating a great deal of the back and forth inherent in the interview process.
This new way of doing interviews and resumes is already showing their extreme value as a job seeking tool and will only increase as written resumes and time consuming multiple phone interviews continue to go the way of the dinosaur.
What’s most important to remember is, Video Resumes and Interviews are, while essentially the same as a written resume, they give you the chance to show an employer a little information about you as a person than they would normally get, make a better impression and get your foot in the door.
Please note, do not use a video resume as a complete substitute for a written one. It’s meant to be supplemental material for the moment, but that very likely could change in the future.
Let’s go over a few basics of what this will entail.
Firstly, you need to know how to shoot a video intended to be viewed by a company. For this, a simple and grainy webcam won’t do. It comes across as amateur and conveys the message that you don’t care enough about this job to get things right.
While professional HD camcorders are always nice, chances are you don’t exactly have the budget to open your own home movie studio. Instead, pick up a simple HD camcorder that you can connect to your computer.
Make sure that the video quality it shoots in is clear, crisp and puts forward an attitude of professionalism. If you’ve never shot a video of yourself before, much less a video resume, here are a few pointers for your first go.
I. Dress well and professionally. Your attire should be exactly like what you would wear to a job interview, since that’s what this essentially is.
II. Keep an eye on the time. This should be kept short and sweet. Anything over 3 minutes is far too long and will get you deleted.
III. Make sure any background noise is eliminated (there are options on a camera to this effect) and rehearse what you’re going to say beforehand.
Other tips are, appear comfortable in front of the camera and most importantly, don’t talk too quickly or mumble. This will have the effect of making you look unprofessional as well as get you sent to the bottom of the barrel.
After you’re done, have others look it over. If it’s not perfect, try again until you get it right. You work hard on your written resume, so you should be putting just as much effort into your video one.
Finally, you’re ready to upload. Where you might ask? At Hot Travel Jobs, we offer full video resume functionality in our Resume postings. Simply create a Job Seeker account, fill out or attach your resume like normal and scroll down to the ‘Video’ field to upload it from your computer’s hard drive. You now have a resume available for viewing by employers.
You can view a sample video resume here
And you can register today as a job seeker here

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