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It is no secret that the travel industry is booming, spending is up and the number of employed travel professionals is at an all time high. With that said, staffing the industry for the future could be a bit challenging.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce a new resource. a joint venture between the Travel Staffing Group & TravAlliancemedia Group has joined forces to help both out-of-work agents and Independent Agents take the next step in their career.  Agents are able to view articles with tips and facts as well as information on taking that next step to a career in the Travel Industry, or a part-time advenure. 

“There needs to be a stepping stone, one that helps people enter the job market.” stated Douglas Walsh, Dir of Marketing for Hot Travel Jobs.  “We completed our most recent survey, which revealed an overall shift in unemployed to employed (See Survey Results). 

Since we’ve experienced first hand the employee pool dwindle, we worked to create as a resource to help get both new people, and those with experience back in the field” Mr. Walsh stated. 

One of the key ways this can happen on the leisure side is with independent agents.  The past model of entering the market was via on-site training in brick & mortar buildings and agencies, but this has changed. 

Since the number of physical storefronts has fallen dramatically, Host Agencies have picked up the slack by providing educational resources for those new to travel.  This can be anything from learning destinations, booking tools as well as help in being sucessful.  This extra support makes it a perfect inroad or re-entry path.

In the next several months, will be will be promoting and building its presence in the leisure market.  Our primary goal will be to make sure those interested in travel will have an easy and reliable path to their career goals.  As always, we welcome the advice and input of our users to ensure the site operates with their best interests in mind.