Travelers Need Travel Agents!

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The travel industry has changed considerably over the past several years, and will continue to evolve as business changes, technology continues to become more sophisticated, and the demand for travel professionals begins to make a comeback.

The DIY’rs will always be looking for the cheapest anything through the Internet, and for the simple transactions, more often than not, they can continue to do so, until they run into a challenge during their trip. They then need to rely on the airport personnel, or tourist authorities, to assist them, as they may not be familiar with correct processes or procedures.

An example: An individual wishes to book a vacation to a foreign country. Do they think about whether a visa is needed, or what a visa is? Is their passport current, and if not what are they supposed to do to get it reinstated, and how long of a period do they have for reinstatement as opposed to applying for a new one altogether, and how long does the process take? Schedules are always listed in local time – meaning a trip to London shows – if traveling from New York – local time in New York for departure and local time in Great Britain for arrival. What do they do during the course of their trip if their connecting flight is late in arriving and they have a distinct possibility of missing the international portion of their trip, meaning everything else, hotel reservations, tours, possible cruises all are affected?

Most trips made have some sort of challenge that needs to be addressed. Those making their own reservations need to deal with them directly, and cannot turn to a travel professional outside their circumstance to help them. This is not because your travel agent friend doesn’t want to assist, but cannot because the itinerary has not been generated by the agent and therefore, is not their property and has no authority to change it.

Realization by the traveling public that more challenges are occurring, and they are not equipped to manage them, or do not wish to, have resulted in an increase to move back to utilizing travel agents, thus increasing the demand.

More people are becoming interested in becoming a part of the travel business, specifically the travel agent business. If just getting out of school, or looking for a second career, people are inquiring as to how to start in the business.

A great number of questions I receive from the “Ask Our Consultant” forum is “How can I get into the travel business?” In the past there were a number of travel schools and airlines that would conduct several classes to teach people how to make air line reservations. Due to the economic conditions, deregulation, and the Internet, these venues have been significantly reduced.

Management of most travel agencies still in business have reinvented themselves by adding a division that recognizes the need for “new blood”, and have developed programs to attract people “new to travel”, understanding the existing agents are getting older and retiring, having no one to take their experienced professional’s place. By investing in developing curriculum, the management of these “Host Agencies” guarantee those enrolled will learn what is needed to be productive and knowledgeable in the shortest amount of time. Being smart business entrepreneurs, they also want to mitigate their financial exposure, while maximizing their return on their investment, you!

There are many programs available from these Host Agencies, and most potential candidates are not aware of them, or have a difficult time determining which is best for their specific needs. The management of Hot Travel Jobs recognizes this and is developing a program to address the needs of the “New to Travel”, as well as, the experienced professional, analyzing the potential candidate, and the Host Agency, to determine the best possible matches for both.

The primary objective of Hot Travel Jobs is to provide the candidate for the travel business, the best opportunity that results in success, for when the relationship between the candidate and the agency succeeds, Hot Travel Jobs is successful.

If the travel industry has been a dream of yours, now is the time to pursue it!

Happy Landings!

By Randolph Haddad
Ask the Consultant @ Hot Travel Jobs

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