Tips from our Resume Writer

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Skip the career objective at the top of the page. “Objectives focus on what YOU (the job seeker) wants to do. In this competitive environment you have to stand out and create value for the employer.” He says what you want to do is to explain in this resume what you bring to the table. You have to set yourself apart by communicating your BRAND.

Tell a story. In the past we did a chronological data dump. With bullet points define your brand so your career makes sense to the reader. Examples of your results show what a job seeker can accomplish. Sometimes our experience doesn’t seem consistent for the job we are applying for and it is our job in the resume to tie it together for the reader.

Understand keywords: Computers screen today’s resumes, not people. The computer searches for keywords. Job-seekers have to do their homework and look for potential keywords in the job posting. If the person has that experience, put it in the resume. To this point job seekers should never lie on their resume. “It is the worst thing you can do!

Customize every resume you send out. Each resume has to position your brand a little differently depending on what the employer is looking for. The keywords are going to be different for each posting. If you use the same resume for your job search, you will be eliminated early in the search.

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