Employed and Unemployed Leisure & Corporate Travel Manager Salary Variances

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Hot Travel Jobs conducts a yearly survey for Job-Seekers/Employees to get a perspective on their experiences in compensation as well as job experiences. This is the first year that compensation was measured.
We took salary information from currently employed and unemployed Leisure Travel Agents and Corporate Travel Managers to provide a breakdown of salary changes in the industry.
Our goal here was to show if there was a disparity, if any, between currently employed and unemployed salaries, as a way to gauge compensation rise and fall.  As we can see from the data, there’s a marked difference between the two groups.
Corporate Travel Managers
Employed Unemployed
All 113160 All 124750
Northeast 65050 Northeast 114500
Southeast 149,214 Southeast 90000
Mid-Atlantic 116660 Mid-Atlantic 0
Midwest 82000 Midwest 0
Northwest 120000 Northwest 75000
Southwest 113300 Southwest 130000
Leisure Agents
Employed Unemployed
All 45937 All 36759
Northeast 49750 Northeast 38428
Southeast 54909 Southeast 32350
Mid-Atlantic 32625 Mid-Atlantic 0
Midwest 42512 Midwest 41893
Northwest 33667 Northwest 44000
Southwest 43628 Southwest 0