Final 2016 salary of corporate travel agents employed vs unemployed

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Hot Travel Jobs conducts a yearly survey for Job-Seekers/Employees to get a perspective on their experiences in compensation as well as job experiences. This is the first year that compensation was measured.
Over 700 travel professional took part in the 2016 survey with over 85% of respondents volunteering compensation information.  We took salary information from currently employed agents and information from unemployed or job-hunting agents to provide a breakdown of salary changes in the industry.
Currently Employed Agents nation wide $48,183.00 Currently unemployed Agents nation wide $43,720.00
Currently Employed Agents Mid-atlantic $53,430.00 Currently unemployed Agents Mid-atlantic $45,000.00
Currently Employed Agents Midwest $46,118.00 Currently unemployed Agents Midwest $28,000.00
Currently Employed Agents Northeast $47,213.00 Currently unemployed Agents Northeast $42,870.00
Currently Employed Agents Northwest $47,875.00 Currently unemployed Agents Northwest $45,000.00
Currently Employed Agents Southeast $49,300.00 Currently unemployed Agents Southeast $39,520.00
Currently Employed Agents Southwest $49,997.00 Currently unemployed Agents Southwest $52,200.00

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