Tech Confuses Corporate Travel

By Carol Fisher, Director of Corporate Travel, Cost Control Expert at STI Travel Inc. Too Many Technologies, Too Few Experts… Corporate travel industry is facing a technological revolution. And as with any revolution, there are conflicting views on whether traditional corporate travel management companies (TMCs) will disappear or evolve into something even stronger. The answer

2015 Employer Survey Results

Our second annual Hot Travel Jobs Employer Survey concluded last month with 69 employers contributing.  Divided by Corporate (33%), Leisure(53%) and Tour Operator(14%) categories, the respondents gave us the following information: When asked about sourcing employees, the comments were. 64% stated they secured employees via networking and social media, 14% from colleges & universities, 12%

Keeping Skill Sets Current

The Travel Industry, like any other field of work, rides on a road of ever evolving technology that shapes and changes how Agents and Professionals interact with their customers and colleagues.  It wasn’t too long ago that the advent of the Internet as the premier marketplace for Travel drastically altered the general public’s perception of

Calling All Employers

Now is the most important time in the scheme of recruitment for the travel industry. Why? Simply stated the well-known theory of supply and demand as it equates to hiring employees has become drastically one sided, and I don’t mean an overabundance of qualified skilled labor. “Where are these people?” you might be asking. They