SKAL & Katarina Line Majestic Adventure

April 22, 2017 Northern NJ SKAL and affiliated clubs embarked on their yearly Friendship Tour in April. We began with a meeting in Venice, Italy which was a perfect start to our journey. As SKAL members arrived from multiple destinations, we recieved a warm welcome from the president of SKAL Venice; Armando Ballarin. Our first

Stats: Average Travel Agent Salary $61,000 by Adam Leposa | Mar 2, 2017 11:16am Photo by jansucko/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images The average travel agent salary is $61,595.19 annually, according to an ongoing survey by Hot Travel Jobs. Hot Travel Jobs said that the survey was still in progress, and that the data that provided this

Get to know a Travel Attorney

At times in business we are faced with situations where we need expert advice, it may have to do with an offering to the public or a contract review with a supplier. Seeking advice from professionals is not always an easy task in the travel industry. Laws are not the same everywhere and you need

Five Benefits of Joining a Professional Organization in Your Industry

Professional associations consist of groups of people from the same line of work or industry who may connect for networking events, exchange ideas, tips, articles, maintain standards or possibly pursue their educational goals together.  The Travel Institute is a perfect example of such a group of like-minded people. Joining a professional association is a win-win situation for students