News on unemployment in the Travel Industry

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The most important things to gauge during an employment survey are related to the big questions of unemployment.  Specifically, for this newsletter segment, we will focus on two questions:  Are you currently employed? and How long have you been unemployed?
We’ve included last year’s chart as a comparison as well, to show what differences we can currently see trending.
The information we’ve currently gathered breaks down as follows.  Please click any of the images for a larger version:
We can see a difference currently in the employment levels, with overall employment up 2%, and in unemployment length, we can see a difference with unemployment of less than a month up 6%, unemployment of less than a year down 13%, and unemployment of 1-6 months down 5%.

While it is still far too early to draw any concrete conclusions, we’re excited to see if this trend continues once our data is fully collected and processed.

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