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Finding Your Way Again

By Dan Chappelle, Agent At Home Magazine   Remember when you first decided to become an independent travel professional? You were so excited to be embarking on a new career, one that could take you all over the world—and you were even going to get paid for it! The thought of associating yourself with a


Traveljobs.com in search of Independent agents   It is no secret that the travel industry is booming, spending is up and the number of employed travel professionals is at an all time high. With that said, staffing the industry for the future could be a bit challenging. With this in mind, we are excited to announce

Update: Travel Professional Age Ranges.

The age of Travel Professionals has become an important issue as of late in the Travel Industry.  With so many seasoned veterans aging out of the industry and taking retirement, an influx of new talent has been an issue at the forefront of many minds. For this segment of our 2017 Survey information, we’ve chosen

News on retirement and job satisfaction

For this excerpt from our survey, we will be looking at the questions “Why are you unsatisfied with your job?”, a question we added this year in an attempt to better understand job satisfaction levels, as well as the current retirement plans for Travel Industry professionals. In order to answer the question “Why are you

Hot Travel Jobs in Portugal

There are numerous words that could properly portray the beauty of the sites we viewed on our most recent SKAL Friendship Trip, but for now I will just leave it as WOW! After finishing up several days of our friendship trip, we left beautiful downtown Lisbon on a five hour coach ride to the city

News on unemployment in the Travel Industry

The most important things to gauge during an employment survey are related to the big questions of unemployment.  Specifically, for this newsletter segment, we will focus on two questions:  Are you currently employed? and How long have you been unemployed? We’ve included last year’s chart as a comparison as well, to show what differences we can